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Monthly Archives: April 2019

Love on the Lifts

Author: Rachel Hawthorne ISBN: 9780060815363 Pages: 223 Description: Winter Break super-secret perfect cocoa recipe: 8 oz steamed whole milk (no skim! doesn’t work!) 2 tbsp. dark cocoa powder (big scoops) 1 tbsp. sugar (can’t be too sweet) 4 dried, crushed mint leaves (or 1 tbsp. mint syrup) Stir thoroughly. Add mint swizzle stick. Combine with…


The Invisible Bridge

Author: Julie Orringer ISBN: 9780307713544 Pages: 28 Description: A grand love story and an epic tale of three brothers whose lives are torn apart by war. Paris, 1937. Andras Lévi, a Hungarian Jewish architecture student, arrives from Budapest with a scholarship, a single suitcase, and a mysterious letter he has promised to deliver to C….


What would you do if you

http://ab-w.net/images/html-images-pr.png Самоучитель HTML Y en este disco incorporarás un nuevo público Tengo 37 ya no tengo 17. Por la que se convocan subvenciones a organizaciones profesionales y organizaciones de las cooperativas agrarias de ámbito estatal para el fomento de los seguros agrarios, con cargo a los presupuestos para el ejercicio 2018. [177 ]​ • George…


Queer, There and Everywhere: 23 People Who Changed the World

Author: Sarah Prager ISBN: Pages: 277 Description: World history has been made by countless lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals—and you’ve never heard of many of them. Queer author and activist Sarah Prager delves deep into the lives of 23 people who fought, created, and loved on their own terms. From high-profile figures like Abraham Lincoln and…


Bestuurskamergedrag en de belangrijkste principes van bestuur | Virtual boardroom

Boardroom-dynamica moet aanlanden gerespecteerd indien het samenspel middenin drie aspecten over governance: bestuursstructuur, cultuur plus gedrag. De governancestructuur houdt zichzelf primair bezig over een proces en de taak door een bestuur – u systeem over richting plus controle betreffende de organisatie. Aan dat tijdperk met bestuurshervorming zijn regelmatig aandacht besteed. Plus dezelfde goede bestuursstructuur ben…


The Beatrice Letters

Author: Lemony Snicket ISBN: 9780060586584 Pages: 72 Description: The end is near. Followers of “A Series of Unfortunate Events” know that the thirteenth, and last, book of the series, titled “The End”, is out on the thirteenth day of the tenth month on the fifth day of the week. A confusing phrase which here means:…


The Ensemble

Author: Aja Gabel ISBN: 9780735214767 Pages: 339 Description: The addictive debut novel about four young friends navigating the cutthroat world of music and their complex relationships with each other, as ambition, passion, and love intertwine over the course of their lives. Brit is the second violinist, a beautiful and quiet orphan; the viola is Henry,…



Author: Voltaire ISBN: 9780140440041 Pages: 144 Description: Candide was the most brilliant challenge to the idea endemic in Voltaire’s day, that ‘all is for the best in the best possible worlds’. It was the indifferent shrug and callous intertia that this ‘optimism’ concealed which so angered Voltaire, who found the ‘all for the best’ approach…


Title: The Diary of a Social Butterfly

Author: Moni Mohsin ISBN: Pages: 240 Description: Pakistan may be making headlines—but Butterfly is set to conquer the world. ‘Everyone knows me. All of Lahore, all of Karachi, all of Isloo—oho, baba, Islamabad—half of Dubai, half of London and all of Khan Market and all the nice, nice bearers in Imperial Hotel also…No ball, no…